Sean’s Biography

My Background

I started the clinic in 1999, then on my own. I gradually expanded it and, since about 2006, I performed the role of Clinical Director to support numerous clinical staff, student interns and administrative support staff.

My interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) started with an interest in Martial Arts as a teenager, in 1984. Since then, I have lived in and travelled to various parts of the Orient to further my knowledge. I studied T’ai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung and TCM in China, Japan and the UK. In my early days, I studied a variety of Japanese and other Martial Arts, including Wado-Ryu Karate, Koryu Karate, Aikido, Aikijutsu, Kobudo and the Filipino stick art of Eskrima. I have taught Chinese remedial and therapeutic exercise (Chi Kung) and T’ai Chi Chuan since 1995.

In the Orient, and understandably so, martial arts and healing arts are often learned together. Both fields also share the common core concept of Qi (vital energy). So it was not a big leap from one field to the other for me. In 1995, during my first career as a Chartered Management Accountant, and after training in oriental medicine whilst living in Japan, I returned to England to commit, finally, to a career shift by completing a Bachelor of Science Degree in TCM at the University of Westminster in London. After this, I completed post-graduate clinical training at various hospitals in Hangzhou, China. Whilst in China, I also trained in Tuina, a traditional Chinese form of massage. In order to add to my skills, I subsequently studied Chinese patent herbal medicines, again at the University of Westminster, with one of the country’s leading Chinese herbalists.

In 1996, I completed specialist training in Paediatric acupuncture. Being a father of three myself, I became interested in the potential for using acupuncture for treating babies and children. Babies and children tolerate needling very well due to the very fine construction of the needle.

From 1999, I absorbed myself in clinical practice treating up to one hundred patients each week. From about 2006, I employed further clinical staff allowing me to draw away from such intense clinical practice to make space for further professional development. My aim was to structure the ideas that have arisen in my mind and the experiences of the past couple of decades of clinical practice to help others empower themselves for their own personal development on a physical, mental and spiritual level. I also wanted to play a part in helping society incorporate the practice of holism into daily life whether in relation to diet, exercise, thinking, business, political or social lives. Additionally, I enjoyed providing professional development opportunities for my colleagues by leading a program of formalised Continued Professional Development.

I retired from active involvement in the clinic in 2015 and now pursue a new career in coaching, training and business consultancy, helping other businesses and their people grow and develop.

Clinical Experience

Akahigedo Oriental Medicine Clinic, Tokyo, Japan | Student Internship | 1994 – 1995

  • Observation of Doctors and other therapists in Oriental Medical clinical setting

  • Application of Shiatsu, Moxibustion and Cupping techniques to patients

  • Study of Oriental Medical theory at the clinic through the tutelage by resident Doctors


University of Westminster Polyclinic, London | Undergraduate Clinical Observation | 1996 – 1998

  • Observation of third year students practising Acupuncture and related techniques


University of Westminster Polyclinic, London | Undergraduate Clinical Practice | 1998 – 1999

  • Practising Chinese Medicine as third year student


Hangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, China | Post-Graduate Clinical Practice | 1999

  • Practising Acupuncture and related techniques as graduate therapist under the direction of Doctors within various hospitals


Shen-Ti Clinic, North Hykeham, Lincoln | Locum Acupuncturist | 1999

  • Provision of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical Services


Ch’ien Acupuncture Clinic, Lincoln | Chinese Medical Practitioner | 1999 – 2000

  • Provision of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical Services


Lincoln Complementary Medical Centre, Lincoln | Chinese Medical Practitioner | 1999 – 2002

  • Provision of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical Services


Nature’s Way Complementary Medical Centre, Lincoln | Chinese Medical Practitioner | 1999 – 2001


  • Provision of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical Services

The Sean Barkes Clinic (was Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine), North Hykeham, Lincoln | Chinese Medical Practitioner  | 1999 to present day

  • Provision of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical Services


Other Work Experience


  • Hemming Graham and Company, Lincoln, UK (Chartered Accountants): Trainee Accountant

  • European Gas Turbines Ltd., Lincoln, UK (Turbine Manufacturer): Management Accountant

  • RHP Bearings Ltd., Newark UK (Bearing Manufacturer): Corporate Controller

  • Nippon Seiko Kaisha Ltd., Tokyo, Japan (Bearing Manufacturer): International Financial Liaison Executive