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Places That Heal

In Chinese Medicine it is often said that the ‘intention’ of the therapist is crucial in any healing process, by which is meant that their state of mind needs to be focused and purposeful as they administer treatment. There is a world of difference between someone mechanically and routinely inserting an acupuncture needle into you, and someone doing it with their awareness extended to the tip of the needle, with their intention focused on achieving a particular therapeutic effect with that needle.

So in places where Chinese Medicine has been practised for a while, there will have been thousands and thousands of these kinds of moments, with an acupuncturist, for example, giving their best attention to what they are going, focusing their mind on the needle, aiming to restore balance and health to their patient. Maybe these moments leave some kind of subtle trace; something builds up over time, like cairns on mountains which are built up by people putting a rock on as they pass. When you go into such a place it is a bit like going into a room which has been used by people mediating, maybe over years or even centuries – there is a very definite sense of a sort of vibrant peace in such rooms. Maybe it is easier for people to heal in such a place.

Written by Vimalaprabha

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