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Just Psychological? It’s all in the Body-Mind

What I find really fascinating, is the answer to a question I was asked today by a fellow-Facebooker: “How can muscle problems have anything to do with a ‘purely psychological problem’?”. Traditional Chinese Medical theory has been able to answer this question for at least 2000 years, a question that modern medicine seems unable (or uninterested) to answer today. The Meridian (Jingluo) network system shows clear connections between the ‘Gan’, which is almost the same concept of the modern concept of ‘liver’, the emotion of anger and the muscles of the neck and shoulders, indeed the elasticity of muscles generally. A healthy ‘Gan’ means that, amongst other things, muscles will be elastic, relaxed, strong and that anger will be expressed appropriately to individual circumstances.

But there is no reason why modern science cannot be used to understand this connection.

I’ll answer my fellow Facebooker’s question in two ways, first with a question:

Given that we start out as the coming together of just 2 cells, so we develop into a totally integrated and connected organic whole, how can any one occurrence in the body have no connection with another? Actually, the answer to this question is so blindingly obvious and simple that 90% of the population never even consider it. And it’s no different from any other naturally occurring system e.g. if one erects groynes along a beach to stop the sand washing away for visitors, that may affect habitats further down the coast, reduce populations of some microscopic organism that is relied upon by herring, which is relied upon by tuna, which is blah-di, blah, and it goes on. In other words, everything is connected, save nothing.

Every part of the human body is linked together by a variety of extremely clever (they ought to be, having evolved over billions of years!) communication and transport systems: the nervous system, cardiovascular system, lymphatic system, endocrine system etc. From that perspective there is no such thing as “purely psychological” problem. If you feel mentally tickety-boo, there is a cascade of chemicals that is triggered by the brain that gets dumped into the blood stream and taken to every other cell within the body, affecting its function, sometimes quite profoundly if you consider our fight and flight mechanism. We can muster incredible strength, power and speed if our life or the life of our loved ones is on the line! Concentration is poor if we have anaemia, our mood is likely to be low if we have hypothyroidism, we become aggressive when the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas are not doing their job properly to produce insulin. The list goes on.

Depending upon which piece of research one reads, psychological stress is the cause of somewhere between 75% and 90% of all physical symptoms!

Anyone who is interested in reading further about the body-mind connection and how we get ill, I highly recommend reading “Why Do People Get Ill?”

Anyway, if anyone reading this is still left wondering if the mind can really have such a strong connection with the body, you must book some tickets to see Derren Brown on stage. If he’s not at a theatre near you then you’ll just have to get the DVDs! You’re human potential is very much more than you think it is…you just have to decide what it is and then go about believing it.

Written by Sean

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