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I want to stop being mummy….

I want to stop being mummy….

So many women come into the clinic complaining of fatigue, poor digestion and bowel habits, painful periods and so on. What is clear about so many of us is that we have taken on a role which means that we are mummy to everyone – partner, children, colleagues, friends, parents. By this I mean that we gradually take over the thinking for our nearest and dearest.

For example, your partner might always ask you what he should wear to go out, or what he’s done with his keys/wallet/underwear. Your children are habitually late unless you nag them, or they forget to take things they need to school/Brownies/judo/sleepovers because somebody else is always there to make sure they have the stuff they need.

And what do we get from all this? Children who think it’s ok to be unkind or unpleasant, partners who’ve stopped looking at you, colleagues who think it’s ok to assume that you’ll work late, take up the slack or cover for them. Parents who become more demanding as they grow older.

We can cope with all these demands on our time and energy, but what does it do to our spirit? How do we find ourselves amidst all this frenetic activity? What happens when something goes wrong – our children are ill, work is stressful, our partner is made redundant – where do we turn then for comfort, support and sustenance? Sometimes we have close friends who can give us the help we need, but sometimes there may be nowhere to turn. That’s when somebody who stands outside your closest relationships can help. Help you to look into the mirror of your Self, and see what you really need to become fully expressed as the wonderful human being that you are. And whether that’s a therapist, a counsellor or a psychotherapist, it’s important that you find someone who can help to unpick the tangle and help you to realise your potential.

Written by Jan Taylor

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