Enhancing Health: Our Personal Wellbeing Plans

We believe that your health is something that needs actively maintaining and enhancing, something that needs a proactive response.  Rather than ignoring it until something goes wrong, we suggest that your health – and therefore every aspect of your life – will benefit from regular attention.  Our personal wellbeing plans are formulated to do just that.

Creating a Personal Wellbeing Plan begins with a Holistic Health Assessment, where one of our experienced clinicians will sit down with you and discuss any health issues you may have.  Through careful questioning, taking your pulse and looking at your tongue, come to a sophisticated understanding of how you function and how you can best stay well and healthy.  From the tried and tested perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, even the healthiest person will have some small imbalance, some area of potential weakness.  Our diagnostic skills allow us to identify this area, and we can share that perspective with you and together come up with a wellbeing plan tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

Obviously this plan is unique to you, but it may include the suggestion that you have, say, a monthly acupuncture treatment, and perhaps an occasional tuina massage.  We might make suggestions as to how you can modify your diet to take into account your particular constitution and circumstances.  Perhaps there are a few simple Qi Gong exercises you can do to keep you well.

To give an example, suppose you are in pretty good health, but you notice that you are slightly out of breath after climbing a few flights of stairs, and you catch colds quite easily.  Maybe we notice that you speak quite quietly, and have a little cough (which happens so often that you no longer notice it yourself).  Perhaps you sweat a bit too easily also.  This all may suggest to us that your weak spot may be in the respiratory system – you have a mild case of what Traditional Chinese Medicine calls Lung Qi deficiency.  Whilst it is not that much of a problem at the moment (although surely you would rather not have so many colds!), in 10 or 20 years it could develop into full blown asthma, or recurrent bouts of bronchitis or even pneumonia.  We may suggest monthly acupuncture treatments to strengthen the Lung Qi, and perhaps a few more treatments every autumn to build you up for the winter; we may show you a few simple exercises to do which will open the chest and boost the Lung Qi; we may give you some useful information on foods which support the Lung Qi.  We work together to strengthen your respiratory system.

The benefits of such a proactive approach to health are wide ranging.  Our state of health affects our communication and relationships, it affects how effective we are in our work life, how much we can enjoy our hobbies and pastimes.  It affects the people we live and work with.  It affects how happy we are, and how much we can contribute to others. The personal wellbeing plan is a way of not taking such an important thing as our health for granted, a way of being as healthy as we can be.

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